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Project Spotlight-NF&M TITANIUM



When NF&M Titanium decided to expand their operations, they needed a dry and secure facility to install a new production line for their aerospace wire product. Under consideration was renovation of an abandoned 70 year old, 50,000 sq. ft. plumbing parts plant. The old building was conveniently located adjacent to their current facility.

Before a decision could be made, the buildings chronically leaking corrugated transite roof would need to be evaluated. If the existing roof could not be saved it could be a deal killer. Because of our expertise in commercial and industrial building repairs, NF&M brought in 1st Choice Building Co to evaluate the roof condition.

Our inspection determined that the 70 year old corrugated transite roof panels were showing their age, but if brought up to a maintainable standard, would still be serviceable. Majority of the roof leaks were due to fastener back out and deteriorated roof flashings.

Because of the extent of the roof leaks and likelihood of continued fastener back out, spot repairs would not be feasible. Total tear off and replacement was simply not in the budget.

Our recommendation and proposal for a "roof restoration" was accepted by NF&M. Roof Restoration by 1st Choice Building Co, addresses both remedial and preventive repair and maintenance issues. The roof restoration consisted of cleaning and preparing the existing roof panels, replace and tighten all missing and loose fasteners, seal down all fasteners with rivit guard sealant and flash and seal all roof penetrations. At completion of the prep work, the entire roof surface was then sprayed with two applications of white elastomeric coating.

The completed project took care of the leaks at a fraction of the cost of roof replacement. The roof has now been brought up to a sustainable condition.The white reflective roof had the added benefit of lowering the interior building temperature, which has made the production workers happy during the hot summer months.

We were glad to be able to provide this cost effective solution for NF&M Titanium's situation, and proud to be an integral part of the team that put this facility back into production, and allowed for the creation of many new jobs at this plant. Give us a call today for a free roof evaluation on your facility.