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Roof Restoration Can Save Your Roof & Your Budget !

With recent advancements in commercial and industrial roof technology,the time has come where traditional tear off and replacement may not be the best option for the building owner,or the environment. In todays economic climate, it is vital for building owners and managers to find cost effective, durable solutions to restore and maintain their buildings. Roof restoration is quickly becoming a valuable option to consider.
The benefits of roof restoration are significant, and include:
Cost Savings-If completed on a timely basis, roof restoration can not only extend the life of an existing roof system, it can save 50% to 70% of the cost of tear off and replacement. 
Sustainability-More and more building owners are realizing the environmental advantages of minimizing resource consumption, and reducing landfill usage. By leaving majority of the existing roof system in place, roof restoration satisfies these objectives.
Operational Efficiency- Re-roofing, as we all know,is a messy and inconvenient undertaking for everyone affected. Roof restoration, on the other hand, can be efficiently completed, in a timely fashion, with little or no disturbance to building operations and occupants.
At 1st Choice Building Co., we were among the earliest innovators of roof restoration. With 30 years in business, we knew many of our installations from the 80's and 90's were reaching the end of their warranty period. We also knew that a lot of early EPDM rubber roofs, installed by others, were also reaching the warranty expiration date. At the same time, many abandoned manufacturing and industrial structures in the region were being looked at for retrofit and re-use. We saw an opportunity to provide a service that would be valuable to our previous clients, and other building owners and developers.
Advancements in roof materials technology, combined with our expertise in roof evaluation, repair and installation, led us to develop a cost effective roof restoration program for all types of existing roof systems. We are proud of our ability to help building owners maintain and re-use buildings in a cost effective, environmentally efficient manner.
Unfortunately, not all roofs are candidates. Roof restoration viability on any structure depends on serviceability of the existing roof. It is important to have the roof evaluated in a timely manner to determine type of roof,existing conditions,and restoration options available. We do come across roofs that are too far gone, and need to be torn off and replaced.
If a roof system is beginning to show its age, and you are experiencing small,annoying and recurring leak issues, the roof may be a candidate for roof restoration. It is important to be proactive, as small roof issues will grow exponentially and become g issues. Contact us today, and we would be happy to answer your questions regarding roof restoration. 

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Roof Restoration


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